Steven M. Pounders, M.D.

HIV Specialty and Adult Primary Care in Dallas, Texas.

HIV Treatment

Doctor Pounders has been treating people with HIV and AIDS for over three decades. He began practicing at the height of the AIDS crisis here in the United States in the late 80s and early to mid-90s, and has seen the vast evolution that treatment for the virus has undergone. This invaluable experience makes our office one of the most sought-after in the DFW area for individuals with new diagnoses of HIV.

All of our providers impart passionate HIV treatment to our patients. They travel to various conferences around the United States to make sure they are keeping up with the latest in medical science as it pertains to HIV and AIDS, and maintain credentialing with the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

We also offer PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) for those who may have had an exposure within the past 48-72 hours. Getting on PEP can help greatly prevent contracting HIV after a possible exposure to the virus.

Our entire staff is very kind and understanding; this is a no-judgment zone! Our goal is to help you find a treatment that works best for you, and allows you to live a happy, healthy life.