Steven M. Pounders, M.D.

HIV Specialty and Adult Primary Care in Dallas, Texas.

HIV Prevention

While we are still searching for a cure for HIV, we have found a way to prevent it! Our office can help you get started on an exciting one pill a day regimen called Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). Taking one pill a day can help prevent you from contracting HIV. While you still can get HIV while taking PrEP, it is very rare.

PrEP is FDA approved, and can only be prescribed to patients who are HIV negative. You should not take PrEP if you may have HIV or kidney disease. We will perform lab tests before approving a regimen of PrEP. Regular use has shown to reduce risk of the HIV virus from establishing into a permanent infection and must be taken daily to provide adequate protection

Our office makes the quarterly visits required for PrEP easy, providing lab draw services in-office, and making scheduling easy with options to request rescheduling through our online portal. With new drugs for PrEP on the horizon, we will soon have more options to help you pick the best PrEP regimen for your needs.